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Piggy Wiggies Sock Piggies 80% Off

As a child, we all remember that one toy we kept throughout the years …. that one toy that was always there next to us, either on the pillow or under the covers, that kept us company wherever we went, the toy all your friends wanted so badly. Now that one toy has been reborn!! The creator, Emma Louise, has always worn odd socks since she was a little girl, and she still does!!! An animal and cuddly toy lover, Emma Louise started on a mission to make the cutest sock animal anyone had ever seen…and from that, Piggy Wiggies were born. The bundle of cuteness came alive as soon as the ears and nose were added!! Each Piggy has its own personality, and is handmade with love.

Emma Louise first started making them as gifts for her family and friends, but then found she didn’t want to part with any of the ones she had made! ! Once Emma realized how popular these cute little piggies were becoming, it was only natural that she take Piggy Wiggies to the next level…………YOU!

One look…one squeeze…is all you need to fall in love with Piggy Wiggies. Whether you want to cuddle up to them, put them in your handbag or take them to school or work…. In fact, anywhere you go… they really are the perfect little friend!!!

Doodles is the Dad of the family. He is strong and brave, but a big softy at heart! Doodles will look after your other Piggy Wiggies and make sure they are all happy. He’s kind and loving. It’s always great to have Doodles around! Mumsie is the Mother of the family. She has a warm heart and is a free spirit. She loves to look after other Piggy Wiggies. She enjoys cooking and trying out new recipies on the family! Give her lots of smooches and she will fill your life with warmth and happiness.
Freckle loves the outdoors and going on long walks.If you take her with you, she will enjoy every minute of it. She loves a good laugh and is mad about chocolate cake. Make sure you tuck her in your bed at night so she can have a really good sleep. Freckle will bring you happy dreams. Yoyo is a really great brother to the other Piggy Wiggies. He’s laid back, calm, and fun to be around. He loves the outdoors and is always looking for new adventures. Make sure you take Yoyo everywhere you go so he can share your adventures too…       
LeLu is the youngest in the family. She’s very artistic and intelligent. She likes to socialize, so introduce her to all your friends. She needs lots of sleep and loves affection. Make sure you look after her and keep her out of trouble…  

  • Items will ship on or before January 8th
  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $ 3.45 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Gilbert AZ
  1. Doodles(Green)
    Reg. $9.99
    Sold Out
  2. Freckle(Orange)
    Reg. $9.99
    Sold Out