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Mon Petit Mardi Amber Necklaces and Bracelets 52% Off

Teething is an incredibly difficult process for infants to endure. Babies can show a variety of different symptoms which can create all sorts of problems. Fever, diaper rash, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, drooling, fire red cheeks, pain and of course endless hours of tears are all teething symptoms which you can't stand to watch your child go through.

Amber teething necklaces have provided the solution for thousands of babies over many generations. It's the only natural, drug free, proven way to reduce the pain of teething!!!

Baltic Amber Baby Teething Necklaces have been used as the single best tething pain solution throughout Europe for generations. Today they are a common household item in European families that are considered one of the most important items used to care for a baby.

How does it work?

Natural Baltic Amber has many therapeutic qualities and provides natural pain relief. Baltic Amber releases healing oils which when warmed absorb into the skin. These oils reduce pain caused by teething, red inflamed cheeks and stimulates the thyroid glands to reduce drooling! Amber isn't just for babies, it has been known to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and reduce throat, ear and stomach infections and respiratory disease as well as simply mantain healthy living.

The Science...

Amber has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties that aid in the reduction of acidity in the body, pain, swollen gums, nappy rash and fevers. When the necklace is worn against the skin the body's warmth releases the amber's ancient natural oils. The body then absorbs these oils, rich in therapeutic succinic acid.

The positive influence of succinic acid has been scientifically proven by Nobel-prize winner Robert Koch and recent scientific research. Succinic acid is a fossilised resin produced by plants 40 to 50 million years ago. In nature the resin would have been used by the tree as a natural antibiotic against infection, viruses and physical attack. The tree would use the resin like a wound dressing. Now the resin has been fossilised, its healing properties have been captured in the resin which are released into the skin once the amber has been warmed.

MOST IMPORTANTLY it is a tried and true solution passed down for generations.

The Natural Benefit...

You will find that using an amber teething necklace will mean that you do not have to resort to the use of unnatural drugs. We all understand the benefits of using NATURAL products especially for our babies. Unlike unnatural remedies such as teething gels or pain relief syrups, the traditional beaded amber teething necklaces are a far less intrusive remedy for the pain and side effects of teething.

How to use the necklace?

  • The necklace is designed to be worn close to the skin in order to absorb the healing oils NOT to chew.
  • Supervise your baby at all times while wearing the amber necklace.
  • The necklace may be worn as soon as the baby starts teething or showing any signs of pain or discomfort from teething.
  • After a few days your child will not even notice the presence of the necklace.
  • The best thing about our necklaces is that they look absolutely adorable on both boys and girls.
  • They can continue to wear the necklace until all 20 milk teeth have cut and many wear it for years onward to continue benefiting from the natural healing oils produced by the amber.
  • At night time you may wish to use a baby amber teething bracelet. If you don't have a teething bracelet you may want to move the necklace around your baby's ankle or wrist and cover with your baby's clothing.
Frequently Asked Questions about Amber Teething Necklaces:

Can my baby wear the necklace while sleeping?
It is recommended to only use the necklace with parental supervision. Many parents wrap the necklace around their baby's ankle under a sock or clothing at night time. Alternatively you may wish to place the necklace in a sock close to your baby's skin.
Can my baby wear the necklace in water?
Avoid contact with water as the string may become brittle with prolonged contact with water
How long will my necklace last?
The necklaces are specifically designed for babies and are extremely durable. With the right care, one necklace will last and become a treasured heirloom to pass down in the family.
My baby keeps chewing on the necklace! Is this ok?
The necklace is made for wearing not for chewing. You may want to use additional teething aids such as chewing rings to meet your baby's chewing needs while teething.
Will this necklace solve my baby's teething problem on its own??
Thousands of families who have used teething necklaces have found incredible relief from pain, restlessness, irritability, acidity and drooling.


We only use the BEST QUALITY, GENUINE, ANCIENT AMBER from Lithuania where experienced hand-crafters create intricate necklaces designed to follow the centuries old European style so you receive an absolutely unique necklace unlike any other.
High-grade amber is used so each bead can easily release natural oils.
Baltic Amber is the world's most beautiful amber, rich in healing oils! That's why we only source our amber from Lithuania. Avoid cheap amber that comes from anywhere else, it doesn't contain the same quality or healing properties.
The amber beads are smooth and round so they are nice and comfortable for your baby's skin.
The teething necklaces are DESIGNED FOR SAFETY of your baby. Our amber teething necklaces have plastic clasps with a screw thread which has been glued into the barrel of the clasp.
We do not use sterling silver clasps which are designed so that the clasps do not release.
 Avoid silver claps and silk tie clasps, which do not open easily.
The beads are knotted before and after each bead so that in the event that the necklace does break only one bead will come off and the remaining beads will stay intact.
Each necklace is about 30-33cm (11 1/2" - 13") long.

Childrens Amber Necklaces

Champagne Baroque PolishedCognac Lemon Baroque Polished
Lemon Cherry Olive Baroque PolishedLemon Baroque Polished
Milky Cherry Baroque Polished3 Honey 1 Cherry Baroque Polished
Lemon Cognac Baroque UnpolishedHoney Baroque Unpolished
Milky Cognac Baroque UnpolishedLemon Cherry Baroque Unpolished

Childrens Amber Bracelets- 14 CM

Champagne Baroque PolishedCherry Lemon Baroque Polished
Lemon Baroque PolishedMilky Lemon Baroque Polished
Rainbow Baroque PolishedLemon Olive Unpolished
Honey Baroque Unpolished

Adult Amber Bracelets- 19 CM Stretch Band

Cherry Lemon Baroque PolishedLemon Baroque Polished
Multi Baroque PolishedRainbow Baroque Polished
Lemon Baroque Unpolished

  • Items will ship on or before January 8th
  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $ 2.15 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Gilbert AZ
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