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Milkies Milk Savers 30% Off

Our patented design allows you to breastfeed anywhere without worrying about embarrassing leaks or uncomfortable nursing pads. Slim and portable, no one will even know you are wearing it. Best of all — it collects your leaking breast milk when you nurse, allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly.

At Milkies, we care about the safety of the materials that make up our products. The Milk-Saver has been rigorously tested to ensure zero chemical leaching and contains no BPA or phthalates.

As an environmentally conscious company, we give breastfeeding moms an alternative to disposable products. The Milk-Saver has exceeded all expectations for functionality and simplicity. It has received accolades from lactation specialists, pediatricians, and breastfeeding moms the world over.

The Milk-Saver makes the perfect baby shower/new mom gift. Or get one for yourself.

  • Slim and portable, no one will even know you are wearing it. Best of all - it collects your leaking breast milk when you nurse, allowing you to store breast milk effortlessly.
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Independently tested to ensure zero leaching
  • Includes a sturdy case for travel and storage
The Milk-Saver is made from comfortable, pliable material that allows to discreetly collect extra milk wherever you are. It nestles easily into any snug tank top or bra cup.

*Milkies has recently changed their packaging. These are the older closeout packages. Each one has both English and French*

*Includes 1 Milk Saver

Blush Tee Shirt Extender 60% Off

Blush {your Tee Shirt Extender} is the perfect accessory for your regular, nursing and maternity wardrobe.
Layer without the extra bulk, keep your tummy covered when nursing, and have a [topless] undershirt that adapts with your growing shape while pregnant.

If you love the look of layering without adding the extra bulk and straps, this is a product for you. Unlike a tank top or long shirt, it does not have straps which cause your undershirt to constantly ride up. It stays put without having to always readjust. Without straps, you are not limited to where the length of your shirt falls. You can adjust to any length, whether you want it to go just over the top of your pants or all the way down to your thigh. For all your favorite shirts that have shrunk in the dryer….don’t throw them away! Just add a shirt extender and you still have the length of the shirt you bought it as.


Wear with a pair of low jeans, this is a perfect addition to your outfit. Instead of layering a long tank top, place this under your shirt for that extra long lean lookwithout the bulk.

For Maternity

As our bodies change, it is nice to have an accessory the helps our clothes adapt to our ever-changing shape. Keep the wardrobe you already have and use the {topless undershirt} to help cover your belly as your shirts start to ride up. If you are at the stage where you are unbuttoning the top of your pants, use the undershirt single layered or doubled over to help hold them up and hide your exposure! This way you can wear the jeans you already have before having to wear maternity ones.


Size Shirt Size
XS 0-2/4
S/M 2/4-8/10
M/L 8/10-16/18
L/XL 16/18-24+

If you are in BETWEEN SIZES?
You could fit either one, however each person's style and body SHAPE is a little different, so it is hard to make the decision for you. The smaller will be a little more snug and fitted and the larger size would obviously be slightly loose. The best suggestion is if you have curvy hips, choose the larger size. If you have smaller hips, choose the smaller size.

If you're a pregnant momma, choose the size you normally wear. These undershirts are made with a spandex blend that gives a lot of stretch for room to grow. This way, you can also wear your undershirt after you have had your baby and used to fit back into your regular clothes and also cover your stomach for nursing. Some may need to get one size bigger in their third trimester.

  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $3.5 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Mesa Arizona

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