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Today's Deal

Deglingos Minis And Ducks 50% Off

Looking for a super soft and unique toy for your little one? Try Deglingos... They make great gifts!

Delingos?!?! Whats that?
Animalos molto funnios and muy crazios. A unique species of contagiously quirky animals, the Deglingos speak their own language which consists of finishing many words with "os". They all hope to win the upcoming Deglingos Idol competition and can be found living in the best shops in town.

Each Deglingos material has its own charactoristics, composition, designs and constructions. They are truly unique! Over 50 different kinds of fabrics and strings of different colors have been used to create the Deglingos collection. Each one is soft and fun and unlike anything you've ever seen!

All Deglingos have been manufactured with the highest quality and finishing in mind. They have been tested in one of the most recognized laboratory in the worlds and comply with EN71 european regulations which guarentee a high level of security.

Mini Clip

Many of your favorite Deglingos character are now available in this new "mini" format. Great for a jet-setting Deglingos lifestyle - clip to a backpack, luggage, zipper or in your car. Deglingos to go!

Bigbos the Wolf Ratos the Rat Milkos the Cow


Bath time is always more fun with the Deglingos! A collection of your favorite Deglingos characters are now available as Duckies. You have never seen a rubber ducky like this!

Bigbos the Wolf Ronos the Cat
Ratos the Rat Nonos the Dog


Give the gift of tactile, visual and auditory stimulation with this Deglingos activity toy. Great for travelling with in the car or stroller. Measures 7 in.

Ratos the Rat Molos the Lobster

  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $ 2.45 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Gilbert AZ

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