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Baby Signing Time Full Collection up to 65% Off

Baby Signing Time – is a baby early education program that teaches hearing babies/children how to communicate before the can talk through sign language.  It also teaches parents how to sign with their baby/child in a way that stimulates early language and learning.  In addition to learning how to communicate through signs and gestures, babies learn to recognize colors, shapes, objects and words patterns.   Many children learn early literacy skills by constantly being exposed to the words and signs together.

There is a growing body of research that suggests that signing has many benefits, including:
•    Enhances communication (babies can tell parents what they want)
•    Strengthens parent/child bonds
•    Enables early language, vocabulary & expression
•    Reduces frustration and tantrums
•    Accelerates speech
•    Builds confidence and self esteem

What does the Baby Signing Time Full Collection include?

Baby Signing Time is a series of DVD's, Sing-Along CD's, Sign & Read Cards and Board Books for babies between 3 months and 3 years of age that help develop early communication, language and learning skills through American Sign Language (ASL) before learning how to speak.   There are 4 volumes of Baby Signing Time as follows:

Volume 1:  It’s Baby Signing Time!

Volume 2:  Here I Go

Volume 3:  A New Day

Volume 4:  Let’s Be Friends

This Full Collection teaches 102 signs!

  • To United States & Canada
  • Free Local pickup in Gilbert AZ
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