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Baby Nari Hip Hugger 60% Off

As mothers, we all share the same sentiment of loving our children so much and wanting to give them the best things in the world. We would carry our children all the time if we could, but our children cannot understand that it's physically too hard for us to do so. Although we want to carry our children at all times, the sheer weight of the child, especially as they get older, becomes too much for our arms to bear. Much like myself, I'm sure you've all had experiences in soothing a crying child that wanted to be held.

When our children were younger, we carried them in a baby carrier but as they grow older, they begin to dislike being carried in such an enclosed fashion yet still want to be held all the time!

So while searching for an easier, more comfortable way to carry my child, I discovered Baby Hip Hugger.

As babies learn to sit upright on their own at around 5-months-old, they love being held close by their mothers.

When they get to be around 9-months-old and have doubled their birth weight, you begin to really feel the weight in your arms. Then seemingly overnight, they become 16-months-old and although they can walk, run, jump with ease, there are still many times when they want to be held by their mothers.

For mothers, carrying your child is something so natural yet there are times when your arms just hurt too much and you're at a loss as to what to do. That's when the Baby Hip Hugger can be of a big help.

First, it's much less bulkier than your traditional baby carrier so it's easier to take with you everywhere. It's also very easy to use so you can put it on just about anywhere!

Second, the child has the freedom to see outward while in the safety of their mother's arms, so they're content and are able to learn about the world securely and comfortably.

The Baby Hip Hugger relieves our arms while supporting our children so we, here at Baby Nari, hope this product can be of a big help to all the mothers out there.

The advantages of the "Baby Hip Hugger":

"The Baby Hip Hugger" supports the child's rear and enables a mother to natually carry and keep the child close while balancing the child's weight between the mother's arm and hip. It's portable and one-size fits all so it can be used easily by mother, fathers, grandmothers and babysitters alike.

The more you use "Baby Hip Hugger", the more it forms to your body and relieves the pressure off of your body. In no time, the "Baby Hip Hugger" will become daily necessity!

For all those mothers and even fathers that just can't get enough of their child, I hope the "Baby Hip Hugger" allows you to spend more quality time holding and loving your beautiful child.

  • Innovative-the world's first "high angle" baby hip hugger.
The Baby Hip Hugger is ergonomically designed to accommodate the way mothers carry their babies during the infant to toddler stage. Baby Nari proudly introduce this world’s first high angle seat which helps to rest the baby on the mother’s hip using a stable support around the waist making it comfortable, easy to use and safe.
  • It’s practical – it is a must have for moms
Baby Nari’s creation Baby Hip Hugger features slip proof fabric, adjustable straps, storage space, and removable pouch making it easier for mommies on the go.
  • High quality product – made with the best materials and by the best craftsmen
Unlike other baby products that are produced massively by machines, Baby Hip Hugger is mainly handmade and quality checked by experienced craftsmen
  • Ultra advanced durability
Made with high elasticity double layred square sponge and high density EVA form(it made with eco friendly and non hazardous materials which also is used in various part of baby toys and school supplies making it safe for babies.) which provides excellent elasticity

2 Styles to choose from:
Baby Hip hugger Classic S2 & Slim fit S2 have all the same functions. They can carry the same weight limit, angle, and they are the same size. Only difference is Classic S2 has front pocket/ Slim fit does not have front pocket

Slim- Does not include an front pocket.

Classic- Includes a front pocket.

Brown Black
Beige Denim

*NEW* Waist Extension Belt

Standard Baby Nari fits waists 39". The waist extension belt to 48 inches. This makes a great option for switching between Mom and Dad, or when a larger belt is needed.
  • This belt is great when the hip hugger is too small for the user. (waist measurement 38 inches and over)
  • For Mommy and Daddy with different waist measurement, the extension belt provides easy way to adjust the straps.
Black Brown

S2 Shoulder Strap

Baby Nari Shoulder Strap is a single strap that provides extra security by supporting the child’s body to the user.  Its unique design allows the user to carry the child the same simple way that Baby Hip Hugger did PLUS freeing one hand to prevent unexpected situations.  This Shoulder Strap solely made for Baby Nari will help your everyday outings even more enjoyable.
  • This strap is only recommended for babies at LEAST 12month of age and MINIMUM of 22lbs.
  •  S2 shoulder strap can only be used with the new Baby Hip hugger S2 series(classic S2/ Slim fit S2). this S2 shoulder strap is inverted triangular shaped mesh backing is designed to provide maximum comfort for the user and the child when the child is facing outward.
  • It's imporant to always support the child's body with at least one hand while using this S2 shoulder strap.

  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $5.90 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Mesa Arizona
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