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Baby Half Off Cloth Diaper Blowout Up to 70% Off

ecobumz Supreme Stuffable AI2 60% Off

You care about your child more than anything else in the world. You want only the best. Only the best doctor, the best layette, the best of everything. That’s why you need Ecobumz Supreme Organic Stuffable AIO (all in one).

Featuring diapers for two size ranges for the first year and a half and a then for the potty learning years! (or months if you play your cards right!) The super lux bamboo velour that our fans have come to know and love covers a unique raw organic cotton soaker that is sewn into the diaper yet remains nice and trim, while the outide of the dipe is trusty a waterproof, yet breathable medical grade PUL made from our special recycled Polyester knit and matte finish Polyurethane laminate coating. A reliable favorate of moms, dads and child care providers, the AI2 is very easy to care for and virtually indestructible!

You’ll love the leakproof trim fit of this diaper, and your baby will expect nothing less than the amazing softness Ecobumz Offers. From the comfy leg gussets to the stuffable pocket, you’ll be hooked!

What makes ecobumz different than other brands?

The biggest difference you’ll notice with ecobumz is that they have a shiny outer layer. This is truly what makes our diapers fantastic and more reliable than ANY other diaper on the market. The coating on the outside of the diapers stops any moisture from transferring from the inside of the diaper to the outside. Therefore no wicking, no leaking and absolutely no wet jammies!

ecobumz are very absorbent and with the option of adding an extra absorbent layer into the diaper, it will work for night and day, heavy or light wetter’s.

ecobumz are designed to fit well from and average birth weight of 7.5 lbs to a minimum of 35 lbs. We have two sizes in an effort to provide you and your baby with the reliable fit of a sized diaper but still saving you money, by not having to purchase many different sizes to fit your baby as they grow.

ecobumz are Available in two sizes.
Size 1 fits babies from birth to about 18 months or 20-22lbs.
Size 2 fits toddlers from 18 months or 22lbs to 3 years or 40-45lbs.

Lavender White


Bum Cheeks Cloth Diapers 60% Off

BumCheeks was created in 2009 by Hollie, a stay at home mum to two beautiful babies Jhet & Charleigh.

"I started using modern cloth nappies when my son was 6 months old. Unimpressed with the fit and quality of the nappies I began making my own. With the birth of my little girl I became more creative with styles and fabrics while showing a particular interest in funky designs."

At BumCheeks all nappies are onesize pocket nappies which means they are adjustable from Birth right through to Toilet training! All of their nappies come with inserts.

BumCheeks are shaped nappies with elastic around the back and the legs so that they fit snug like a disposable.

Jean with Pockets Onesize Pocket Nappies

One Size Jeans nappies are made from dark Denim with a adorable fabric belt, pockets on the bum and 3 little belt loops across the back. There is a layer of waterproof PUL inside and a soft suede cloth lining. The pocket has two hidden layers of  fast drying microfiber and a fold over 2 layer Bamboo Insert. 1 row of 10 snaps and 2 Rise settings mean that they have a large variation in size, 3 snaps on the arms means no wing droop. Soft elastic legs do not leave marks on even the chunkiest thighs.

Fits 8 to 35 pounds

Stars Stripes

Louis Vuitton

The Natural Baby Co Dream Eze Fitted 60% Off

Super absorbent, 100% organic cotton fitted diaper. Their trimmest fit yet! The perfect diaper under your favorite cover. Easy To Use 100% Organic Cotton Perfect for nights Durable Snaps Quick Drying Requires Cover DreamEze Organic Fitteds are soft and absorbent, with a 6 layer soaker sewn in one end. This allows it to be not only very absorbent, but quick drying too!!! Side Snapping (no wing droop!) Turned and Topstitched (no ruffled leg elastic to leave marks on baby's tender skin) 100% Organic Cotton Fleece. Low-Rise, Trim Fit make it the perfect fitted for any body shape! Quick drying 6-layer sewn-in soaker.

Size Weight (pounds)
Small 7-14
Medium 12-22
Large 18-35

  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $2.95 depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Mesa Arizona

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