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All orders will ship on or before 3 weeks from the sale end date. Please keep this delay in mind when ordering.
Local Pick up has moved. Pick ups will be by appointment only. Please email to schedule yours.

Mommy Necklaces Nursing Necklaces 50% Off

Mommy Necklaces are the original line of necklaces inspired by motherhood. As a unique baby shower gift, a nursing necklace for a distracted breastfed baby, or a way to spruce up your everyday wardrobe. Mommy Necklaces are the stylish solution to safely accessorizing motherhood. Trendy, safe, and customizable for all mothers.

After becoming a mom, we often give up so much of ourselves (for good reason!), but thanks to the durability of Mommy Necklaces, the way we accessorize does not have to suffer too. Guaranteed from breakage, made from high quality acrylic beads that are manufactured in the USA, and lab tested for safety, Mommy Necklaces offers an innovative and copyright protected collection of necklaces that makes wearing necklaces (awesome!) and being a mom (more awesome!) a fantastically awesome pair.

Not only are our necklaces stylish and trendy, but our functional designs help with your everyday mommy duties. Some annoyances of mommy-hood are just given: distractibility during nursing (our necklaces make terrific nursing necklaces), a toddler who won't leave your fragile necklaces alone, a sensory seeking infant who wants nothing to do with the idea of sitting in church or grocery shopping, but yes, your hair looks fun to twiddle and break! We also make you look good - fast! A Mommy Necklace is a simple way to spruce up the everyday mommy-combo of jeans and a t-shirt. Our classic 'Dangling Donut' Mommy Necklace is wonderful for the distracted baby and makes a wonderful nursing necklace. However, our designs are for everyone that enjoys stylish jewelry, nursing baby or not. No matter what age or stage of mommy-hood you're currently in, we've got you covered! Trendy collections, customizable sizing, versatile combinations, it is all here. Remember, it's totally justified. Let go of the mama guilt and allow yourself to feel good again about a purchase. Mommy Necklaces guarantees you unbelievably durable, trendy, and functional necklaces.

Mutually beneficial – engaged baby, pain-free mommy!   

Mommy Necklaces are a simple idea with complex components. A staff of work-at-home moms constructs our necklaces by hand, meaning they are truly made with love by a staff that understands you best. Mommy Necklaces are the safe and stylish solution to accessorizing motherhood.

Simply put all Mommy Necklaces are:
  •      Dependably stranded. Made with durable, USA-manufactured beads, components, and cording, which are all tested for both lead and phthalates.
  •      Dimensional yet dainty. Curvy, polished, and eye-catching acrylic beads that are light-weight for easy wear.
  •     Stylish and trendy. With over thirty collections and modern pendant choices, you can find a color and pendant combination that is perfect for your style.
  •     Versatile and customized. Take a necklace, pair it with an accent strand, change a donut color, or your necklace length. The choices are all yours.Everyday to evening. The added bonus of our versatile collections is that they fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, day or night. No one will know you're wearing a 'mommy' necklace.
  •     Functional jewelry. Sure, a necklace is a necklace. However, at Mommy Necklaces we have specifically selected our pendants for those that wear jewelry around little ones. Our Dangling Donuts are moveable, making a great nursing necklace or distraction for a hip-held child. All our pendants are lush, smooth, and the perfect size for twiddling hands.
  •     Affordable. Now that you know, take in consideration all the complex components that go into Mommy Necklaces, we offer a great price that includes a rich, unbeatable style that many other 'regular' jewelry lines can't even offer.

Dangling Donut 32"

Stylish, functional, and versatile, Dangling Donut Strands are our most popular style that can be worn with or without a Donut Add-On. Our donut pendants have a functional purpose too - they are great for the twiddling and fiddling hands of a busy baby! Dangling Donuts are frequently used as "nursing necklaces".

Faceted Rock 20"

Faceted Rocks add a pop of color in a modern and elegant shape. Smooth yet faceted our Faceted Rocks are chic and trendy, while fusing simply into your everyday wardrobe.

Chic Strand Colors

Chartreuse, Garnet, Turquoise, Rose Quartz

Nourish/black & white

Limited Editions inspired by the season

  • Please allow 3-5 days for shipping
  • To United States & Canada
  • Starting at $3.93 for One, $4.61 for two depending on location
  • Free Local pickup in Gilbert AZ
  1. Amore Dangling Donut
    Amore Dangling Donut
    Reg. $27.50
  2. Bermuda Dangling Donut
    Bermuda Dangling Donut
    Reg. $27.50
    Sold Out
  3. Enchanted Dangling Donut
    Enchanted Dangling Donut
    Reg. $27.50
  1. Entice Dangling Donut
    Entice Dangling Donut
    Reg. $27.50
  2. Raven Dangling Donut
    Raven Dangling Donut
    Reg. $27.50
  3. Sonoma Faceted Rock
    Sonoma Faceted Rock
    Reg. $18.00
  1. Splash Faceted Rock
    Splash Faceted Rock
    Reg. $18.00
  2. Tango Faceted Rock
    Tango Faceted Rock
    Reg. $18.00
  3. Chartreuse Chic Strand
    Chartreuse Chic Strand
    Reg. $24.00
  1. Garnet Chic Strand
    Garnet Chic Strand
    Reg. $24.00
  2. Turquoise Chic Strand
    Turquoise Chic Strand
    Reg. $24.00
  3. Rose Quartz Chic Strand
    Rose Quartz Chic Strand
    Reg. $24.00